Simple, Small Drywall Fix

drywall damageToday we’re going to be talking about how to make a nice patch for patching a hole in drywall, with the idea of, you got a small issue, like maybe a hockey puck went through the wall or whatever. You come home from a busy day and sure enough, the kids have bashed a hole in the basement or “somebody” has, bashed a hole in wall in their room or somewhere, and now you are stuck with the task of trying to fix it. A lot of times you end up with one that’s between a couple of studs, out in the middle of nowhere and what do you do? Do you cut a big chunk of drywall out of the wall so that you could get back to the stud and actually screw it to the studding or how do you support it?

Well, in this case, it’s not an uncommon thing, you got a drywall wall and you end up with a hole like that, right? From wherever…the kids have done something again and now you’re here fixing it. So, we’ve got a hole, what you are going to do with it? It’s all ugly.

Well, here is the easiest thing to do. You can see, we’re out in the middle of a couple of studs so there’s no backing or anything in there. Without cutting an even bigger hole and making a mess, the easiest way to fix this up is to actually cut this out square, so pick yourself a measurement, just a little bigger than the hole you’ve got, because you’ll feel, in the back, it’s kind of spoiled all on the back, the damage on the back is always a little wider than what’s on the front, so I am going to make a body of four inch here and I think we’ll just go 4×4, to make it easy. So make a nice square mark on here and then you’re going to cut out with the drywall saw. So we’re going to cut all that damaged area with our drywall saw.

Okay. So we’ve got our nice square hole, we’re going to go over to the workbench and we’re going to cut a patch that we can easily put in here, without opening any backing in the wall.

If you wanted too, another option is to slide a chunk 2×4 down into the hole, back up here and screw it in and then you could just screw a patch on there, but if you have a smaller area, you don’t always have that opportunity to do that.

So, I’m going to show you how we’re going to fix that, without putting blocking in there. Okay. So we’ve cut our 4×4 square out of the wall, now a patch, we’re going to cut out of a separate scrap piece of drywall and we need to actually make it two inches wire all the way around than whatever you cut in the hole, so in our case, we need a 8×8 patch. So I’m just going to get that started here. So we first start out by getting eight inches by eight inches.

So, we’ve got our eight inch by eight inch. Obviously, it doesn’t fit in the hole. What I’m going to do now, I’ll show you how to make this fit, we’re not going to need drywall tape to go around there or anything, we’re going to actually use paper surface on this patch.

So now, I’m going to take my 8×8, turn it around to the back side. This square here is already two inches wide I know, so I’m going to use it to mark off the excess on the back here, that I don’t need of the actual plaster or the gypsum. So, I’m laying one side flush here to the side of the square, I’m going to cut along this side, cut the paper.

Make couple of passes, do that on every side. Just like so. What you’ll end up with now is you should end up with this being four inches or just slightly under that in the middle and we’re going to take this drywall now and we’re just going to break those cuts and peel off that piece all the way around. Okay.

So I’ve got two sides, I’m going to do the other two. So now, what we are left with is an actual patch that we can apply mud around our hole that we’ve cut in the wall and insert this patch right into it. So just double check, dry fit this, make sure it fits into the hole. This one is going to fit without any messing around, extra trimming or anything and we’ll just get some mud mixed up and we’ll insert it in the hole.

Okay. So we’ve got some mud all mixed up, so what we’re going to do next is just apply some generous amount of mud around this hole. Remember, we’ve got two inches of paper coming out there, so you want to be out for two and a half inches at least, for width. A nice wet consistency is perfectly fine, get a little bit inside the hole, around.

repair drywall holeSo we’ve got some muck on there, you can see it’s generously falling out, we’ve got our patch, insert it in the hole. Just use our knife now, just like you would taping a joint or something, you’re swagging out the excess that we aren’t going to need back there. And it’s all on there, you didn’t have to mess around with running tape around there or overlapping the corners and everything.

So we can let that dry and it’s just like any other muddling job, you’re just going to give that a few coats, feather it out each way so you are not leaving a big, just a bump there, that’s going to show up and flash when you paint it. That’s a fairly easy way to patch a little hole like that.