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Needle Nost Pliers – A Must Have Tool

channel lock needle nose pliersI want to talk to you about a few features of needle nose pliers and this style that I picked up is channel lock extreme leverage and what makes it unique – the pivot point is closer to the blade itself and so it allows you to get better leverage and it cuts through material easy. Needle nose pliers are excellent for all types of wiring projects, the blades will cut through wire very easily.

If you are doing individual wire, if you are using cable, it also cuts through cable very easily and it has a knife and anvil style cutting surface, so actually it makes it very easy to cut through insulation because one side is flat, so your blade always lines up. The needle nose pliers are excellent for bending your wire, so when you’re wrapping around screw terminals. So good for those types of projects.

Also, if you’ve got anywhere where you are trying to hold objects, like a screw, deep into a box for a screwdriver, this allows you get better leverage, it hold it in place for you, so it does a nice job with that. What I like about this style of needle nose pliers is it has this arched area to grab nuts, so it can hold it for you, makes it very convenient. And I will show you a couple more uses for needle nose pliers.

One area I always use needle nose pliers for projects is if we are redoing the bathtub shoe and removing this flange. I just dropped it into this cross area and either using large adjustable pliers or a pipe wrench, I will unscrew this with needle nose pliers. There is a specific tool that you can use for that, but most homeowners don’t have it and needle nose pliers are just an easy way to remove that flange for the tub shoe.

Another project that I use the needle nose pliers is when I am replacing the sink basket on a kitchen sink. It’s really a two men job, where someone on top is holding the top of the sink basket in place, while you are tightening this from below. So just by holding this like this or you can also use adjustable pliers or a pipe wrench to hold it in place while you are tighten it up. So just simple and effective, an excellent tool that every homeowner should have in a tool box.