Home restoration & property flipping

Character comes with time.
Old homes have it... it's up to you to pull it out.

From fast & many to one, nice and slow...

Much of today's new home construction goes to companies that compete based on how many homes they can slap up as fast as possible. 
I know, because I used to do it for a living.
Now things have slowed down in many ways. I appreciate taking the time to get to know ONE old house
and figuring out how to get all the value and character out of it I possibly can.

Build It

There are many things that can be "re-purposed" out of old homes or found at garage sales. It doesn't have to cost a lot to have really cool stuff.

Fix It

We live in a disposable (mentality) society. It's unfortunate because there are quite a few things that can be fixed with a little know-how, and will work just fine.

Paint It

Paint and other means of "dressing up" an old room or item can really do wonders. It just takes a special eye and desire to make what's old, new again.

From the Blog

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Fixing a Leaking Washer With Las Vegas Appliance Masters

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DIY Rain Gutter Installation

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Our Projects

Kitchen Renovation

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  It's also the place to most easily bank a good ROI when you're looking to flip a property. We'll look at some great ideas for making the most of your kitchen space, whether it's to make a buck, or to make buckwheat pancakes for years.


Curb appeal.  It's another point that must be attended to when you're looking to get the most from a home's value. It's also worth paying attention to when you consider the difference it makes to drive home to an attractive property versus something that looks completely neglected. You don't need to be a landscape architect to have a good looking yard.

Odd Jobs

Over the years I've learned that as I do one project and learn how to get it done, I come across countless other paths and ideas that I could travel down to create something cool, or to fix something that I didn't know I could fix.  I like to keep my mind open while trying to remain focused on the job at hand, and I'll be bringing you a wide array of various "odd jobs" that fit this description.

About BuildersNet.org

BuildersNet.org was intended to be a site meant for professional, residential home builders.  It was going to be a kind of hub to exchange best practices, vendor experiences, professional tips and idea sharing.  That was before the real estate crash around 2007.

KevinMillsSince that time my personal and professional life have taken a big change in direction (quite a few, actually), and this project of mine has been somewhat repurposed…

Now, because I’m no longer managing a major home construction company but rather “doing my own thing” with purchasing and refurbishing homes, my focus and interest has changed.  I’m no longer looking a best ways to develop dozens of new homes at a time. Instead, I see things on a project by project basis, within one home at a time.  It’s much smaller scale, but to be honest, I’m enjoying it a lot more!

This site is now meant as a personal repository for some of the projects I work on, and eventually it may become a kind of hybrid of what I initially had in mind, bringing in guest writers to submit their own tips and experiences.  Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas on things you’d like to see covered, or if you have anything you would like to share yourself.

All the best,
– Kevin, of BuildersNet.org